Nokia Lumia 920 – Its Best Feature?

As a self-confessed gadget addict, I was curious as to what I would find to be the best feature of my new Nokia Lumia 920 phone. I was coming from a Windows 7 Phone which replaced my iPhone (good at the time but Apple seem to have lost the innovation battle at the moment) so would the best feature be;

  • the resizable, updating front screen tiles – which makes that all important front screen much more informative and productive than the iPhone;
  • the way all my contacts and activities are merged – whether its texting, email and phone contacts through to all the social networks;
  • the built-in chip that allows me to use my phone as a wallet or ticket (only used once on a BA flight so far but will be very useful);
  • that the music player is finally as good as the iPod I still carry round  – especially when combined with my Bluetooth headphones?

Nokia Lumia 920
Actually no – it’s the wireless charging that’s built in. Now I’ve bought the stand to charge it with, there’s no more fiddling with wires of any shape of size. You just drop it on and the recharging light comes straight on. Better still, Nokia have made it stand the phone up so I can still see the screen and answer any calls without moving it at all. Combined with the really comfortable Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset it makes it the easiest setup I could imagine.

Now all I need is wireless chargers for all my other gadgets!     

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