No where to put your servers? – Racks with style.

All of our customers want to maximise the use of IT, but many don’t want the expense of a dedicated server or IT room. However it doesn’t look very professional to have servers plonked on desks in a general office and the noise can also be an issue. So I was really impressed to see the following office friendly and really stylish racks by Kell systems


Pictured are the small and medium sized version, but they offer the cabinets in varying sizes, with noise reduction, racking inside, cable and power management. It also has an air cooled system so it doesn’t increase the heat of the servers dramatically by having them shut away.  They come in a variety of colours and finishes that mean they should fit in anywhere. Nice to see IT getting a touch of style rather than just the practical metal racking we normally find the servers installed in.

Here’s the link for the 3d video tour and a link to Kell’s site.


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