No more hand me down training

ERP is a big investment, of resources such as time and money, which will pay dividends in terms of the information it can provide to empower your business. But, your business is not one entity, it’s made up of individuals, individuals who need to be shown how to get the best from that ERP system.

If employees only know how to do their main job function within the system then you are limiting how they can use it, limiting their creativity in doing things better and ultimately limiting the return you will get on your investment. When your project went live, most likely you had a core team that were involved from the start and then training was cascaded down to everyone else. But what about new employees arriving after the project completed? Who trained them? How many times has the original knowledge been handed down? Do you know that important things are not being lost along the grapevine? And just like a rushed telephone message, how do you know that the right information has been passed on?

We are here to help. NAV Learning is our specific training solution designed to help you get more from your investment. NAV Learning is intended to complement our free customer training such as our workshops and webinars, by giving your staff the chance of dedicated training in a purpose-built environment with a professional trainer. Trainees will even leave with a 100-page reference manual to support their work in the future. For example, we offer a course introducing Dynamics NAV to new or early users, this non-role specific course specifically aims to give users a holistic view of the ERP system, to build a user’s confidence to find answers and empower them to go further by working with the system. Similarly, our courses such as Jet Professional contain a large number of practical examples for you to work through, so you really get hands on with the subject matter.

Our courses are not just aimed at beginners, we have had customers send employees that had been using NAV for months, who found the training extremely useful as it filled in their knowledge gaps and helped them with best practice to help prevent avoidable errors.

The question is, can your company afford not to do this?

Have a look through our current NAV Learning courses at and our YouTube playlists such as or

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