New Laptop + Cloud = Smooth Transition

Our technical boys are in the middle of rolling out new laptops at Tecman Towers and a fine job they are making of it to. We’re all getting new Lenovo Ultrabooks, Windows 8.1, 120GB SSD, Intel i5, 8GB RAM, touch screen.


Until you remember the anguish and lost productivity that you are going to have while you are in the days or weeks transitioning from old to new laptop. Actually, no. I have been amazed by how smooth my transition has been. This is testament to how good a job our technical team have made of setting up our laptop image but also to the power of the cloud.

You hear a lot of vague nonsense about how great "the cloud" is. Which is a shame because it detracts from the genuinely great stuff out there.

  • We use Office 365. As soon as I logged in and opened Outlook all of my mail, calendar, contacts and tasks were there, ready to go.
  • I store all of my documents in SkyDrive / OneDrive. I logged in on the new laptop and it synched everything up in a matter of minutes.
    • With Windows 8 SkyDrive integration, everything is "available online" initially and it downloads documents as and when you need them. Although, you can select folders that you want to be available offline and it will download them.
  • I use OneNote for all of my project notes, which is synchronised to OneDrive. As soon as I opened OneNote all of my notes were downloaded for me.
  • Chrome is my browser of choice for everyday use. I synchronise all of my browser settings, installed extensions, favourites and browsing history. I entered my Google username and password and everything was configured the way I like it.


All that remained was for me to copy the few files that I had on the local drive of the old laptop and install any additional software that I use.


If you haven’t already embraced some of these online options you should consider it. They aren’t just good for having a backup of your stuff should you lose your laptop down a well, they make it a doddle to access your data from another machine when you need to – including when that machine is a new company laptop.

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