New application feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 – verify VAT registration numbers

Background setup…

Microsoft have introduced a new feature to verify VAT registration numbers on customer and Vendor cards. The VAT registration web service is set up in the reporting FastTab of the General Ledger Setup page; the default URL is


Also, from the Countries / Region Code page you can view the different VAT formats allowed by choosing ‘VAT Reg. No Formats’. These will ensure you don’t enter too many and too few characters before performing the validation process.


The validation process…

Create the Vendor or Customer card as usual; ensuring the address fields are completed.

Enter the VAT number in the VAT Registration No. field


Choose eclipse button. An initial entry will be inserted with a status of ‘Not Verified’

Choose the ‘Verify Registration No.’ action


Upon verifying the registration number, a further line will be recorded with either ‘Valid’ or ‘Invalid’


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