New application feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 – Improvements to RapidStart


RapidStart Services was first introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, so what is it?


It is a data migration tool that helps you migrate data from one system into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. An excel template is created, the relevant fields are updated with data then imported into NAV. Before data is imported you can validate the data and meaningful error messages will appear that can be corrected before the data is applied to the database.


So what’s changed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015?


  • Mapping data from an existing ERP database to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    E.g. If the currency on the existing ERP database is set to EUROS and In NAV it is EUR you can map the field so the data displays
    as ‘EUR’. This saves time having to amend data in excel or finding out upon validation that this is incorrect and then having to fix the data in the customer and vendor templates.




  • Create missing codes

    E.g. If you have not created the customer posting group and you are importing the customer data with the customer posting group, you can tell the import to create it for you.




This is great but it will not complete the posting set up for you.



  • Run data transformation rules

    If data is to be in uppercase throughout the system and data has been provided in lowercase, process data can be ran and the data will be updated. The process can also update data to title case and also change date formats also.

    E.g. Below the Payment terms have been imported but the description is all in lower case and should be in title case.



The data is highlighted and process data is selected, the results are:



The code can be amended in report 8621 to transform data to the requirements.


I feel that Microsoft are really making it easier for end users to import data themselves without the assistance from a developer or a consultant and therefore reducing costs for implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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