NAV2009 SP1 – Blue Sky Time

Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 has some changes that allow us to create a windows based application to be built directly into the NAV application. This basically means the world is our oyster – if it can be written for windows, it can be incorporated into NAV. The examples provided by Microsoft to date are all very interesting (for example when scrolling down a customer list you can see a map of where they are and the current weather at their location!) but what we’re looking for is something you would find useful. Therefore if you can think of an ‘add-in’ to NAV that would prove useful to your business, please let me know – we would be really interested to hear your feedback.

Here are some ideas to wet the appetite

  • Daily exchange rates
  • KPI Data – orders taken, invoiced, pick volume, production load, warehouse utilisation
  • Server state (disk space, last maintenance plan)

I’m not saying we’re going to create all these, but we are keen on seeing what we can achieve, so we may as well create something useful!

Look forward to your input.



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