NAV Webinar Workshops

Many of you will have tried our monthly NAV Knowledge Workshops at our offices in Wolverhampton, but a conversation with our customer, Ashley, has raised the idea of running them as webinars. Ashley is often really busy and can’t afford to spare a morning out of the office; add the commute to and from Wolverhampton and it’s often too much hassle to attend.

So, I’m putting the idea out for debate. Would you like to see Microsoft Dynamics NAV Knowledge Workshops delivered via a webinar tool like Webex? Or perhaps you prefer the time out the office and don’t like learning online? Please leave your comments at the end of this post or drop me a line and we’ll try and act on the most popular ideas.

And don’t forget….this month’s free workshop is all about using Excel pivot tables to analyse data.

One thought on “NAV Webinar Workshops”

  1. Hi Mark
    ref Webinar Workshops – I’d prefer the offsite version personally.
    -I find it much easier to ask questions face to face and, somehow, things seem easier to understand when you are actually “there” (a bit like the diffence between someone showing you hows its done rather than just reading it)
    -I can guarantee no interuptions if I am offsite whereas tring to concentrate on training in a big open office like ours makes if much less effective (the alternative is I’d need to try and book a training room here but these are often in use)
    – our experiances with setting up webex training here (between companies)is that, more often than not, there have been technical issues ref logging on so I’d probabaly end up missing part of the training anyway!
    This is a personal view, and we are only just down the road so travel is not really an issue
    best regards
    Steve Bennett

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