NAV Support Hours Now 8am – 6pm As Standard

We’ve all been there, you get in the office early to finish that urgent task, and then your business system is not playing ball. The support line doesn’t open until 9am and so the early start is wasted or worse, the deadline you had to meet for your customer can’t be met.

We also know many of our customer’s work in manufacturing and distribution and that industry doesn’t fit the traditional 9 till 5 routine. Warehouse staff need to know what they are picking when they arrive, to make sure everything else runs to schedule. The world in general is changing and businesses are working more varied hours as they offer more to their customers.

So we decided to do the same – Technology Management have offered 24 hour critical support for several years, but we realised that many of the companies we work with couldn’t justify the cost for the few times they may need some help. Most of those customers just wanted some extra help above and beyond the normal contracted hours.

We took the feedback and extended our standard support hours from 8am – 6pm.

We already have what we believe to be the biggest UK NAV support team, they are dedicated to support so you don’t find you are talking to different people each day. They are also complemented by an experienced developer that is part of the support team, so if a calls need to be escalated in that direction, they’re available (and not pulled off an existing project they are meant to be working on!)

Our priority is to make sure you have as few niggles as possible, but when one crops up we want to make sure you get the help and support you need, even if that is when some other partners are still having breakfast or have packed up and gone home for the night.

Be NAV Happy!

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