NAV and Web Services

Following our recent visit to Mibuso's TechDays we have seen how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is increasingly using Web Services. Not only for massive integration developments, such as the new 'out of the box' CRM and EDI integrations, but for small and cool things like showing a map of a customers location on the customer card ,or even useful stuff like getting exchange rates direct from a trusted supplier.

The demo on Web Services really did open my eyes to the little things we can do to try to make lives easier for NAV end users. Taking the Exchange Rate functionality as an example, this is a simple, yet really useful example of how a simple Web Service can make the lives of a NAV user little easier.

Just think, no more needing to;

  • log into the bank
  • download the latest Exchange Rates
  • find then open the excel file
  • open NAV
  • navigate to the currencies page
  • open the currency you want to edit
  • then (finally) typing the new exchange rate in, ONE AT A TIME!!!!!!! ARGGHHHH!!!!!!! 

Wouldn't life be a little better if you could do all of this by just pressing a button and its done for you?

I accept there is a little configuration required to set it up, but once you are all configured, look at the time you will save, not to mention the wear and tear on your fingers  :)

The Exchange Rate Services are configured from the Currency List. 


Once configured and enabled


all you have to do is press the 'Update Exchange Rates' button 


and POW!  

All of your exchange Rates updated in one…


Cool, right?


If this has peaked your interest or has given you food for thought on any other Web Services you think may save you time and effort then please contact us either on 01902 578300 or email us at




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