NAV 2013 Release and Some Keyboard Shortcuts

It's nearly here, NAV 2013 RTM will be availble next Monday (1st October)!

Technology Mangement went live with a customer last week on the Beta version, along with Microsoft on their TAP program (this is where Microsoft work with Partners & end users to test the software before public release). Even at the Beta stage it's been pretty robust, so the RTM looks to be a solid release.

We have the SharePoint Integration up and running and I'm amazed at how simple this is to use and the speed of response is fantastic. Integrating NAV Pages directly in to SharePoint offers some real opportunities in expanding the reach of NAV in to an organisations business processes. All you have to do is edit the web part, select the NAV page you want to display and click on OK.

There's also a nice feature added around keyboard shortcuts, some useful ones below. Alt+F12 is a cool one – hides all the stuff around the page you're on to give you more space for viewing the data.

Keyboard shortcut Functionality
Ctrl+F1         Toggle between collapsing and expanding the ribbon.
Alt                 Display access keys in the ribbon.
Alt+F2         Toggle between hiding and displaying FactBoxes.
F12                Move to the main window.
Shift+F12     Move to the Role Center from a task page.
Alt+F12        Optimize space for the current page.

More to follow soon……

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