NAV 2013 – Item Availability

In NAV 2013 three new item availability windows have been added:

  • Item Availability by Event
  • Item Availability by Timeline
  • Item Availability by BOM Level

With the three new overview windows, you now have a total of six different ways to analyse an item’s availability. You can access all six from item cards and from document lines and worksheet lines for the item by choosing Item Availability By, and then selecting the option:



  • The Item Availability by Event window shows projected inventory figures by demand or supply event. The window only has information about the dates when figures change because of an event.  Filters can be applied to include projected demand from forecasts and blanket orders and projected supply from uncommitted orders that are suggested in the planning worksheet.

This can be accessed from the item card, which will show you the complete availability over time for all locations and variants or from a document line which will show you the items availability over time filtered on the location or variant code used on the document line.


Pic 2

You can also view the document from this screen when the Period Start date has been expanded,
go to the document line you want to see then show document from the actions tab.

  • The Item Availability by Timeline window provides a graphical view of an item’s projected inventory based on future supply and demand events, including planning suggestions. The result is a graphical representation of the inventory profile.

Pic 3

Supply is represented by the front side of a bar rising on the y-axis. Demand is represented by the rear side of a bar falling on the y-axis. The horizontal top of the bar represents the time that the projected inventory exists. You can modify planning suggestions and certain supply orders behind the graphical information by dragging elements along the y-axis to change quantity or along the x-axis to change due date.

This can be accessed from the item card and also from the planning or requisition worksheet line. You can change the quantity and due date of suggested supply orders by using drag-and-drop editing in the graphical view and then save the changes to the planning worksheet.

  • The Item Availability by BOM Level window provides availability figures for bills of material that tell you how many units of a parent you can make based on the availability of child items at lower levels. Any item that has a BOM structure, assembly BOM, or production BOM, is shown in the window as a collapsible line, which you can expand to see the underlying components and any lower-level subassemblies with their own collapsed BOM structure.

Pic 4

This view is available from the Item Card and document lines so when users input sales order for an item for a specified date they can check the current availability and the quantities that can be supplied by its components.

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