NAV 2009 SP1 installs for local languages

Discovered recently that if you don’t install Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s service pack 1 release in a certain way, you don’t get the UK’s language set installed by default. This means you only have US English installed which can make some of the descriptions and menu options very different. Worse still if you amend the forms or pages when someone does access them with GB English they can appear blank.

Recent practise has been to select the setup.exe from the directory for the option  you want, so Cside client for the classic client for instance. This was the best way to do it with the original 2009 release because the main installer menu that Microsoft put on the front end was restrictive in what it let you install.

On previous versions to SP1 these individual installers were all set so that they were country specific and so installed that countries language as well. With 2009 service pack 1, Microsoft have changed the installer so that it first installs the application and then separately installs the language packs.

This is masked if you select the setup.exe from the root of the DVD image because it first installs the option you select and then the language pack automatically, it doesn’t do this if you do it from the options directory directly.

Caught us out because it wasn’t highlighted in any of the documentation that we saw – easy to avoid the issue once you know though. 

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