My Top 5 New Features of CRM 2016!

Microsoft have just announced the latest release of CRM with their 2016 version. CRM 2016 will be released in Q4 2015 and I am excited to be able to bring new features and capabilities to our customers.

My favourite 5 features coming in CRM 2016 are shown below:

Mobile Offline Capability:  In CRM 2016, tablets and phones have full offline mobile capabilities and Dynamics CRM Online will be able to get full offline experience with mobile apps. This provides the ability to get your work done even when there is interruption in connectivity. Users will be able to create, change and delete records while offline and Automatic playback of offline actions helps synchronize local changes with CRM Online.

– “So many customers have asked for this feature for many years.   I feel this will increase the adoption of CRM particularly for a mobile sales force."

Enhanced Excel experience within CRM, including new Excel templates to automate many core tasks.  This helps our customers across the board, but particularly in sales, as it allows them to do things like calculate commissions or manage a sales forecast.  They get analysis and insights directly in their sales processes, without the need to export or switch – just easy toggling to reduce countless steps and eliminate the complexity. 

– “CRM has always had the ability to export to Excel, however, templates makes the experience seamless by embedding the templates in CRM.   This is useful for consolidated reporting of KPIs for Board Reports, Account Overviews to take to customers and further analysis that goes beyond the standard dashboards in CRM”

Enhanced Excel Expereince

Interactive Service Hub. This new online user experience design provides a modern and intuitive end user experience for customer service roles.

– “Dashboards, since CRM 2011 have been a great way of checking progress and managing your daily workload.  I’m excited to see this new experience and multiple streams of information should mean less clicks and scrolling for Customer Service Agents to get the job done!”

Interactive Sub Hub

Knowledge Management is an improved area for Knowledge articles that can be used across CRM and include picture and video information.

– “Knowledge Base is now Knowledge Management!   I’m so pleased about this long awaited refresh of this under utilised area of CRM.  Knowledge Management can now include pictures and videos and can now be used across all areas of CRM.   This means it can be used as Technical Articles for Products and as collateral for Technical Pre-Sales.”

  Knowledge Management

Next generation of our CRM app for outlook enables people to track emails, add contacts from within an email or even create new records to track emails through the browser on PC, Mac or mobile browser on a phone. 

– “Users will no longer have to be in Outlook on their PC to be able to track emails.   They can now do this through their browser.   Email Tracking is a fundamental process within CRM if you are to maintain a timeline of communications with your customer. CRM App for Outlook means that can now be done on mobile devices and Macs where previously this feature was unavailable”

Next Generation - CRM for Outlook

More information is emerging over the coming weeks as we approach the release of CRM 2016 and I will share more as it becomes available.  


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