Microsoft Unveils New Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

May 19th 2010. Microsoft have unveiled some of the new features that will be appearing in the next release of Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. It is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The headline changes will be as follows;

  • Out of the box Integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Online Payment Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Direct internet access to the Role Tailored Client (NAV through a browser)
  • Support for MS Appication Virtualisation (App-V)
  • Windows 7 user experience improvements
  • Treemap Visualisation

For me the big one here is being able to get access to NAV via a browser. We are expecting this to be delivered through sharepoint and allows us to now easliy design pages for pretty much anything remotely and at what we hope is to be a lower cost license model (e.g. customer portals, shop floor data capture etc).

TreeMap Visualisation is out now for NAV 2009 RTC

One of the new featues is the Treemap visualisation that provides better visualisations of business data. This has already been released and we've just tried adding this in to an existing 2009 SP1 database and it worked a treat. The supplied sample points at the customer table and dynamically builds links to all the decimal based fields. So taking the concept we've quickly done the same for the item table, which was about 10 minutes work.

Another great feature of this is that you can drag the sliders for each axis to help you zoom in on data (e.g. zoom in to the most profitable customers). You can double click on the square and it will open the card view of that customer, as well as having all the usual factbox links at the right hand side. As it's built on a standard list from NAV you can apply all the usual filters and flow filters to the data as well.

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