Microsoft Surface 3 – great laptop and well as tablet

Quite a few of you know that when we went to the US in July all of us came back with a Microsoft Surface 3. It’s a great piece of kit with a magnificent hi-res multi-touch screen and combined with the included pen device I haven’t taken notes onto paper since.

But recently I’ve taken delivery of a docking station for it now they’ve become available in the UK and after just a few days I’m at the point where it can now be my only device. My Lenovo is going back to our technical team and my iPad is getting left at home, the Surface 3 will be my tablet and laptop in one form now on – it really does do it all. 


Although only an i5 processor on mine I find it more than more fast enough. Actually using Office 365 and especially the 1Tb of OneDrive storage you get with that plus Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM on our hosting platform or increasingly Microsoft Azure I don’t need the ultimate power or storage locally any more – just 8Gb of memory so I can multitask efficiently and and fast communications.

The most difficult thing was figuring out how to drive multiple external monitors but a little displayport splitter means I can plus a third one in if I need to, not sure where I’d put it though.

Think this means that you’ll see more of TecMan’s people using Surface X’s going forward – sorry Lenovo not sure you will get an order for 60 units from us again.      

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