Microsoft Dynamics NAV Workshop Thursday 21st January 2010 Prepayments Workshop

Prepayments are payments that are invoiced and posted to a sales or purchase prepayment invoice before final invoicing.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV  users can define prepayment requirements on customers and vendors for all items or selected items.

After completing the required setup, a user can generate prepayment invoices from sales and purchase orders for the calculated prepayment amount, and correct prepayment invoices as needed.

During this workshop we will

• Explain the requirements for setting up prepayments.

• Set up and assign prepayment General Ledger accounts.

• Set up prepayment numbering for sales and purchases.

• Set up default prepayment percentages on customers and vendors.

• Set up default prepayment percentages for Customer-Item and Vendor-Item combinations.

• Set up prepayment posting verification for sales and purchases.

• Explain the prepayment processing flows for sales and purchase orders.

• Describe the prepayment-specific fields on sales and purchase orders.

• Create sales and purchase orders with prepayment percents and amounts.

• Create prepayment invoices from sales and purchase orders.

• Explain the processes available to correct posted prepayment invoices.

Booking Information

Technology Management customers can book for free by following this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Workshop link

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