Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Service Pack 1 released

Microsoft have this week formally released Service Pack 1 for their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ERP application. After being asked on the Technology Adaptation Programme (TAP) for SP1 by Microsoft, we’ve been one of only ten companies worldwide and the only UK partner who has been working with this release since February. This has given us the chance to fully understand how good it is. 

Although called a service pack this is not just a collection of bug fixes but a major enhancement to the product especially as far as the new for 2009 role tailored client interface is concerned. Anyone using 2009 should upgrade as soon as possible, its faster, more reliable and most importantly easier to use.

How have they done this? Well just some of the interface enhancements are

  • A search box in the top left similar to explorer that allows you to search for the function you want rather than having to flick through the menus.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for many more functions such as first and last record, page-up for last record, page-down for next etc.
  • Ability to save pages complete with filters set to new menu options – that makes returning to key status screens a single click.
  • The ability to dynamically colour code and highlight fields for certain values or were input in mandatory.
  • The ability for our developer to embed almost any .net control into any page of information giving us the ability to display for instance production information in a gantt chart or maps/photo’s on the page.
  • Much improved reporting with the ability to setup the ability to drill down from one report to another and more flexibility on layout as well as infinitely faster time to first page display.

Released less than 10 months after the initial 2009 release its a considerable achievement and moves the game forward yet again. Better still they are already heavily into design phase for next full release and are asking us to apply for the TAP or beta programme already.

I guess this proves that having an R&D budget in excess of $2bn for their business solutions division alone is producing results. Hate to be one of the competitors who have been making large numbers of their development teams redundant recently, (of course I don’t mean you Sage!) how on earth are they going to keep up?      

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