Microsoft Dynamics Flexible Payment Plan

Microsoft have launched a new Flexible Payment Plan for buying Dynamics Licences in the UK this week. For Dynamics software purchases over a value of £20,000 they will now take payment over three years AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

This is not using Microsoft Finance so there are no arrangement fees or interest changes, just three separate payments for a third of the cost at the start of each of the three years.

This is a great scheme allowing companies to take advantage of some of the best ERP and CRM software out there without facing a prohibitive up front investment.  It can be used for either completely new licences or additions for existing customers.

Its a paradox that when times were good, companies often told us that they were ‘too busy’ to implement a new system. Now times have got tougher, they have the time but are cautious about committing to the investment. Breaking the payment for a new system down like this means they can start now to get the efficiency they need while they have the time.   

Congratulations to the Dynamics guys at Microsoft for coming up with this unique proposition.  

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