Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 – the Future of ERP

The next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX is due in Q3 this year, and Technology Management are already ‘tooling up’ to deliver the next version of this industry leading ERP system. We kicked things off by attending three days of intensive product sessions at Microsoft HQ in Redmond last week, where we saw Microsoft take things to the next level with Dynamics AX2012.


Dynamics AX2012 represents a generational shift in ERP, packing in over 1200 new features whilst remaining familiar to old hands and intuitive to the next generation of ERP users. You don’t need to sit down with a manual before you can manage your business efficiently and effectively with Dynamics AX2012.

Watch this space for upcoming Dynamics AX2012 news, highlights, and an update on when you can see the future of ERP for yourself.

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