Microsoft continue to place security development at the heart of their long term plans

Citied from a recent article on the Tech Market View, security for users continues to be at the forefront of Microsoft's mind.

It is not a security company, yet CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft pumps $1bn into security R&D annually. As a high profile operation Microsoft has long been a target for attackers, and with the cloud and mobile the baseline for the company strategy, the security stakes are increasing.

It has responded with a new security strategy and operation designed to support what Nadella describes as the need for an “operational security posture”. This includes the launch of the Microsoft Enterprise Cyber Security Group which uses a worldwide network of security experts to offer security assessments, monitoring, threat detection and incident response and the Microsoft Cyber Defence Operations Centre which will monitor security threats in real time, 24/7, hook into the community of security professionals, data scientists, engineers, developers and others as required, and utilise big data analytics for example to identify anomalies that could constitute threats. These investments are being made alongside security improvements in Windows for instance, with Windows 10 in particular making great strides, and developments in offerings such as Azure, Office 365.  

Microsoft needs to protect its assets and its customers of course, but the renewed security strategy will also help push its cloud services, especially Azure. Enterprises will demand higher levels of security assurances from their cloud platform providers as they move more resources to the cloud. Microsoft's message is that it can be trusted to do its best to provide protection in a perimeter-less environment, which is pertinent given the many high profile security breaches in the last few months alone. It also acknowledges the new reality which is that with the cloud and mobile devices, every supplier has to be a security supplier – and that is an expensive and risky proposition in itself.

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