Microsoft announce Windows Phone 7

UPDATE : So Liam got to the blog first – shows how excited we are!

Regular readers will know that we’ve been disappointed that Microsoft have not managed to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone operating systems despite both being available for some time.

Well the wait is nearly over – Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7. This  seems to be a completely redesigned system from the ground up, based on the successful Zune HD music player that’s only available in the US at the  moment unfortunately.

Initial reaction from reviewers is positive, see the links below from the guys at engadget who have been trying it for a while.

When will we see phones with this OS on? Well Microsoft are saying by holiday time – which holiday they didn’t clarify.

For us it cannot come soon enough. Microsoft taking on Apple and Google is good news. Provided its has similar integration and development options to the previous versions this is significantly easier to connect to other business systems and makes a compelling case for company if not consumer use. That doesn’t matter a bit if it’s so difficult to use that users won’t use it so to have a modern effective interface finally is excellent. 

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