Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

As the future moves ever onwards, so does software and with the much anticipated autumn launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 we have been looking quite closely at the new features.

Integrated Email Editor

With previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if you wanted rich and pretty emails for marketing purposes, you were confined to creating the HTML template outside and simply pasting the source into the editor. Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, there is a new rich text email editor that is suddenly a lot more useful to the marketing department.


Campaign Management Console

More intelligent lead scoring systems, multi-condition triggers, cross-campaign offers and finally – A/B testing! All this to make sure your marketing is better targeted and delivers better results. And our favourite? Webinar integration – for an even deeper insight into what works and which leads are passionate about your products!


B2B Marketing

Deeper lead management capabilities with webinar integration and improved lead scoring, including the ability to introduce multiple lead scoring models.


Sales Collaboration

Strengthen your marketing and sales synergies with the new Sales Collaboration Panel which allows sellers to provide input into campaigns and targeting. Sellers can gain visibility into the campaign activities and can control communications targeting their customers as well as setup and receive alerts based on their interactions.


Marketing Resource Management

Marketing plans and click to call via Lync get our hearts going. Combine this with the Yammer integration and marketing is very much a beneficiary of the new functionality.


So, there are plenty of new things slated for Dynamics CRM 2015 that will appeal to the Marketing department. In depth blog posts and actual walkthroughs to follow very soon.

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