Macs just as vulnerable to Malware

Remember when the answer to viruses and malware was getting an Apple Mac?

Not anymore..after the Mac Defender malware problems last week, Apple released a patch to protect against it. Several hours later the malware writers had struck again and breached the patch.

This isn’t an Anti Apple post (i love some of the innovations they have put into the market) just an observation that with success comes different challenges and malicious code being written for your operating system is one of them. And when you have played on the fact that you’re virus free for many years its a wake up call when you have to deal with it.

Apple are facing many of the issues that plagued Microsoft for many years including Anti Competition charges, viruses, complaints about their customer services etc, its tough at the top and maybe you sometimes have to get knocked off the perch to find some of the old magic. The Microsoft “reboot”  as they ironically called it seems to have set them back on the path to innovating and I’m enjoying the big IT companies (Apple, Google and Microsoft) pushing technology further ahead.

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