Learn How Dynamics CRM Can Help Deliver Your Customer Experience Strategy

The Changing Landscape of Customer Service

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in digital technology along with an increase in the number of channels and platforms by which customers can interact with our organisations. 

Customers now have information about pricing, products and the competition at their fingertips which means that control of the customer experience has shifted from the sellers to their customers. 

This shift in control also means that more and more pressure is being placed on us as organisations to meet rising customer expectations.  Today’s customers are not just deciding how to shop based on price and product alone, they are also highly influenced by the emotional experience they have with an organisation.  They want us to make them feel welcome, important, valued and understood. 

To do this, we need to earn their trust by delivering a consistently excellent customer experience time after time.  If we do that we can generate a loyal customer base which means customers are more likely to purchase from us again and recommend us to others all of which can lead to increased growth and profitability.

A Winning Customer Experience Strategy

When it comes to creating a great customer experience there are three important aspects that influence how a customer perceives and evaluates their experience with our organisation:

Ease of doing business

Today’s customers are often time poor so they want us to acknowledge that their time is important by making interactions with our organisations as effortless and seamless as possible. Not only that, they want to be able to interact with us anywhere, anytime and on any device

Effectiveness of interactions

Delivering a great customer experience involves having reliable, tight and consistent processes in place along with powerful reporting and analytics which enable us identify and deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time

Emotional connection

Customers’ feelings are becoming facts. Each time a customer interacts with our organisation the experience they have will result in a set of emotions, judgements and intentions to repeat purchase or recommend to others.  

Organisations that successfully deliver against each of the above are the ones that drive loyalty, passion and advocacy for their brand and often outperform their competitors.

How Dynamics CRM Can Help

Dynamics CRM is a strategic toolkit that can help you deliver the easy, effective and emotional experience that your customers want.   It has a number of powerful features that enable you to:

  • Deliver exceptional and personalised customer experiences allowing you to build strong, long-lasting, loyal relationships with your customers
  • Deliver powerful and valuable business insight to support informed decision making and continue to drive your organisation forwards
  • Empower and engage your employees by helping them to understand their responsibilities to customers and allowing them to see the ‘bigger picture’ of customer experience

Benefits to Your Organisation

There are a huge number of benefits that CRM can bring to your business including:

  • Increased customer trust and loyalty
  • Increased growth and profitability
  • Cost and time savings due to improved efficiency and productivity
  • Improved communication internally and externally
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Measure return on investment for business decisions/initiatives
  • Risk management due to information being stored in a central location

If you’d like to know more about how Dynamics CRM pop over and visit tecman.co.uk/CRM

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