Job Queue Email Notifications

A lot of companies with Microsoft Dynamics NAV will already be using the Job Queue. It allows you to use an application server – a NAV classic client without a user interface which runs as a Windows service – to run jobs on a schedule.

It is useful for jobs which you need to run frequently throughout the day e.g. downloading files from an FTP site; or jobs which are best run outside working hours e.g. adjusting item costs.

Very handy. The only problem being that, as standard, there is no way to notify anyone when a job has completed. You can look at the Job Queue Log Entries page to see which jobs have run and when but you’ve got better things to do than check the log all the time to see if things ran smoothly.

imageWe’ve developed Job Queue Notifications so that you don’t have to.

In Job Queue Setup you can specify a sender name and email address as well as email addresses for success and failure of jobs. When a job completes an email will be sent to the relevant address.

You can also specify a success and failure email address for each individual job. For example, someone in accounts will probably want to know if your Adjust Costs routine fails to run. You could send the emails to more than one person by creating a distribution group in Active Directory and sending the email to the group instead.

If the email address in the job is different to the address in Job Queue Setup, then the email will be sent to the address in the job and copied to the address in setup.

imageIf a job fails, the error message that was encountered is sent in the body of the email.

This examples shows that the Post Inventory Cost to G/L Report failed because of a posting date error. You can head straight off to User Setup to make the required changes without needing to visit the Job Queue Log Entries first.

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