I.T. New Year Resolutions…

The Majority of companies close their offices between Christmas and the new year, however your servers are often still sitting there still receiving mail. And it was when I was checking my own mail over the break that several items of mail got me thinking. You see as part of our support contract with many companies we monitor their servers through our System Guardian Service and one of the alerts that pops up, is if the backup has failed. And my inbox was getting many email each day telling me the backup at various companies was not working….why? Because no one was there to put the tape in!


Now you might think well it doesn’t matter no one is doing any work anyway, but what about your mail server still receiving emails, what about that users who did occasionally check their email and maybe send something out? What about the users who work from home who may have accessed the system over the break, maybe dropped some important info onto the system? (I know some of our consultants put some chargeable time sheets on the system after we broke up) So what happens if the worst happens and you have a problem with the system when you get back to work….your restore takes you back to the 23rd December! How do you get those emails back that arrived over the holidays?

So how good would it be if the system backs up whether somebody changed the tape or not?



Well let us introduce to you…..

Technology Management have recently started offering Offsite backups that happen automatically each night for your servers and if needed your staff laptops (they will backup while your user is at home) The data gets moved to our servers in our data centre and you can easily log on and restore a file within seconds via an internet connection should you need to. It also protects your data if your main site or servers are hit by power or environment problems…Many insurance companies are offering lower premiums for business continuity insurance if you have offsite backup.

DataGuardian can backup your files, your exchange mail server, SQL server and your system state, it happens quickly, reliably and securely each night and reports back to you as well all from £35 pounds a month

So if you make a new year’s resolution this year, make sure it’s to take the worry out of your backups.

For more info call our Technical team on 01902 578300

Data Guardian extends our Support offerings alongside System Guardian which monitors and reports on your system 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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