Introducing the Power of Recommendations in Dynamics 365

Your Data is a Valuable Strategic Asset

Customer expectations are rising and will continue to do so rapidly.  As such, more and more pressure will be put on organisations to continue to improve and innovate in order to meet these expectations.  Therefore, organisations must focus on leveraging the data they have to gain a deeper insight into customer needs, to effectively engage, grow and retain customers. 

Data is one of the most valuable strategic assets in an organisation.  The real value comes from being able to analyse that data, learn from it and use it to formulate sound strategic insights that can be used to drive an organisation forward. 

However, the quality of the data and subsequently the level of insight you get out of any system is only as good as the quality of the data that gets put in.

Business Rules to the Rescue

Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to create Business Rules.  These work on the logic that when a certain condition is met, it triggers an action.  The types of actions you can trigger include:

  • Show or hide fields
  • Make certain fields mandatory
  • Set field values
  • Set default field values
  • Validate data and show error messages
  • Lock or unlock fields

They are a fantastic features helping to ensure consistent and quality data capture.

Introducing Recommendations

In the latest release of Dynamics 365 Microsoft have included a new business rule called Recommendation which gives you the ability to present users with tailored recommendations when they are working on records.

I have to say I love this new addition because not only does it enhance the likelihood of quality data capture, I think it can also:

  • Enhance the overall customer experience
  • Ensure customers are provided with a consistent service
  • Reduce staff training requirements
  • Ensure everyone is operating in line with the organisational strategy

To show you how Recommendations work, in the example below we’re looking at an Active Case and there’s a section on the form where we can fill in the Resolution to the Case. 

You can see that the Actual Problem for this Case is a product issue.  Once the Actual Problem has been selected you will see there is a little blue information icon next to the Resolution Field.

Recommendations 1

If we click on the icon it presents us with the recommendation shown below.

Recommendations 2

What’s more we then have the option to Apply or Dismiss the Recommendation.  If we click on Apply in this example it automatically completes the Resolution field for us.

Recommendations 3

As you can see, not only have we been able to guide the user to enter the correct information but we’ve also empowered them to resolve the issue quickly, efficiently and consistently for customers.  Customers with issues that are resolved quickly and effectively often turn into loyal customers and even brand advocates which can have a positive impact on an organisation’s bottom line.

So hopefully you can see that this one small addition to the suite of Business Rules opens up a world of possibilities for organisations to not only continue to capture strategically important data but also create outstanding experiences for their customers.

If you’d like to know more, watch our videos and see it in action!

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