Integrating Dynamics NAV with Office 365 / SharePoint Online

With recent releases of NAV, Microsoft have improved integration with Microsoft Office. You can:

  • Save any report to Word or Excel (as well as PDF)
  • Send the data from any page to Word or Excel
  • Link pages or individual records to notes stored in OneNote notebooks (more info here)
  • Synchronise data with Outlook

This wealth of integration points with your local Office installation is great, but what if you don’t have a local Office installation? Given the rate at which the online offerings of Outlook, Word and Excel are improving, unless you are a power user you have less inclination to install the offline version at all.

Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has introduced support for Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Allow me to demonstrate.

  • Search in the menu for “Online Document Storage Configuration”
  • Enter the URL of your SharePoint Online site in the ‘Location’ field.
  • Enter the name of a folder in which to store NAV documents in the ‘Folder’ and “Document Repository” fields.
  • Enter some credentials to authenticate with the service.

Use the “Test Connection” action to confirm that your settings are correct and that NAV can connect to the Document Storage. For the purposes of this post I’ve connected to my personal SharePoint site on our Office 365 environment.


Now for the magic.

When I open the Posted Sales Invoices list and hit “Open in Excel” the spread sheet is saved in Office 365 and opened in Excel Online in the browser.


Under the “Edit Workbook” menu you can choose whether the edit with your local Excel or edit the workbook with Excel Online.

Perhaps we are looking at the future of your business software here.

Hosted Dynamics NAV + Office 365 with your documents stored in SharePoint Online – all accessed through your browser. Access your data from wherever you want, with whatever device you want.

No installation. No maintenance. No fuss.

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