Incorrect Year-End Date in Pegasus Opera II / 3


Incorrect Year End Date

One common support call that we receive, particularly at this time of year, is a problem with the year-end date. When the Sales or Purchase Ledger transfer to Nominal is attempted in the final period, the system date is set to the period end date as normal, but a message comes up to say something like:


Unfortunately the period end date is occasionally set incorrectly for the next year when the Nominal Year-End routine is run.

To resolve this issue, you need to access Nominal – Utilities – Set Options and go to the Calendar Tab.


In the Calendar tab, amend the Year End date to the correct date and click OK.

This message will appear.


The Rebuild Periods Routine must be run. This is found in the Nominal Utilities Menu.


You should select “Yes” to Rebuild Nominal Periods and then select “Yes” to continue. It does not normally take much longer than 1 minute. It would be advisable to remove all users from the system before running this process.


Once the Period Rebuild has been done, the Sales Ledger Transfer to Nominal should work fine.

To prevent this problem from happening in the future, please go and check the year end date as soon as you have run the Nominal Year-End Routine.

There is no harm in checking the year end date at any time during the Nominal year, and if you make the change now, it will prevent the warning message in the final period of the year.

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