Inaccurate landed costs calculations eating into your margins?

Swings in currency fluctuation, most recently in the UK from the Brexit vote and general election, can have a huge impact on sterling value and equally on your profit margins.

For Consumer Goods manufacturers who export and import both materials and products, being able to estimate the final costs to your business enables accurate forecasting and helps to maintain projects.

However, for most businesses landed costs is something managed by a series of disconnected spreadsheets – which don’t hold up to date information on currencies, duties and shipping. This can leave you vulnerable when sudden changes in the market cause your overall predicted profitability to be skewed thanks to changing inflation or costs.

True visibility of all costs means less risk for your business. No matter what the currency, on any given day you might be managing product costs, transport, duty and even testing costs. Balancing the books to reflect these charges and the impact on your margins is vital to keep your business ticking over and to support growth.

One solution = fewer headaches + higher margin

Did you know you can easily improve product profitability with complete visibility of landed cost and shipping progress?

Use Dynamics Consumer Goods to record as many expected costs per item, per country of origin, shipment method, currency and date as needed and if it should be included for duty calculations. It also allows you to recalculate expected costs and automatically accrue them during the goods journey, correctly reflecting your cash flow projections.

Dynamics Consumer Goods also gives you container planning to maximise what you can fit in each container, as well as the ability to track your containers, so you never lose track of product no matter where in the world it is.

For more information on getting landed costs under control, watch our video.

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