Improve business efficiency with electronic invoicing

Streamlining your document management system can help you improve business efficiency, reduce costs and build better relationships with your customers.

Technology Management, in partnership with Equisys, has introduced an electronic document management solution, Zetadocs, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We can provide advice on how adopting a secure, sustainable approach to invoicing can benefit your company.

Zetadocs allows invoices to be delivered via email and/or fax, providing the following benefits:

· Reduced costs – no postage, reduced stationery

· Improved cash flow – delivering documents in real-time encourages faster payment

· Increased efficiency – streamlined processes, increased productivity

· Improved customer service – automatic archiving of documents allows quick retrieval for quicker query resolution

· Reduced carbon footprint – eliminating paper from your invoicing process can help your organisation meet sustainability targets.

Electronic Invoicing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Event

Our software partners Equisys are running a series of free webinars. The upcoming event Electronic Invoicing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV focuses on how Zetadocs can help you improve business efficiency and save you money:

Electronic Invoicing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Date: Thursday 15th December 2011

Time: 3pm
Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Register for the event here:

For more information on how Technology Management can help your business, contact Jason Tromans at or call 01902 578300

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