How to Kick-Start Your SharePoint Project for Under £4,000

Businesses are finally getting to grips with the potential of Microsoft SharePoint to improve worker collaboration and automate ad hoc business processes.

And with Technology Management’s latest offering, there has never been a quicker way to implement a SharePoint project. For less than £4,000 SharePoint Workflow Accelerator from Technology Management includes three days of consultancy to scope out, build and deploy your Microsoft SharePoint site.

Such a speedy development time frame is made possible due to the deal including a software tool called Nintex Workflow that makes the process of building workflow much, much faster than was previously possible. Once your SharePoint project has been completed your own super users can make use of the Nintex Workflow tool to build further workflow with ease.

Learn more about SharePoint Workflow Accelerator today, or, if you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft SharePoint, take a look at this short video…

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