How to configure and use background posting in Microsoft Dynamics 2015

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, multiple users could only process one Sales Order at a time and this caused delays when multiple users posts Sales Orders at at the same time. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Job Queues are an affective tool to schedule the running of business processes in the background. By setting a background posting routine, postings can be placed in a queue for processing in the background.

Alternatively you may want to schedule postings for hours when it is convenient for your company. It may make sense in your business to run certain routines at a quiet time or after office hours.

Job Queues in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 enable you to specify, request, and control when certain processes are run, such as the processing of a report or executing a codeunit. You can enter your requests for the execution of a report or a codeunit in the Job queue entries page. When the report or codeunit finishes, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 records the event in the Job Queue Log Entries page. You can then use, for example, Job Queues with email logging so that it requests regular entries in this table. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 also inserts a record into the Job Queue Log Entry table to record that it has processed a Job Queue Log Entry.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 both Sales and Purchases can be setup to schedule background posting for the following documents:

Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memos, Sales Return Order

Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Credit Memos, Purchase Return Order


Both Post and Post and Print can be setup individually. Remember also to setup printers on the NAS Service machine.


Setting up Background Posting in Sales and Purchase Setup

  •  You can activate Sales Document posting by selecting the Post with Job Queue 

  • To ensure that you have a dedicated Job Queue for the sales background posting you can provide a Job Queue Category Code. This routes the posting to the correct Job Queue

  • The same applies for Post and Print. It is also setup when you select Post & Print with Job Queue checkbox.

  • The posting will create with a priority of 1000.

  • The Priority Field is used to determine the order of processing the Job Queue Entries. By setting this to 1000 it is easier to allow other jobs to get to the front of the queue

  • Activate the Notify on Success checkbox if you want the user that post’s the documents to be notified about the state of posting.

  • There will be a notification attached to the posted document as well as a notification in the ‘My Notifications Part’ in the Role Center

  • The same steps can be applied to the Purchases & Payables Setup Page


Figure 1 Sales & Receivables Setup

Setting up a Job Queue

The next step is to setup a Job Queue to run the background posting.

  • In a Job Queue Card you create a new dedicated Job Queue.
  • The Job Queue Category Filter resembles the filter set on the background posting setup. So this Job Queue will only run Job Queue entries with the category SalesPost
  • In the NAS Settings FastTab it is possible to choose which NAS Service which the Job Queue must run on. If we do not select a NAS Service, the Job Queue will run on the same server.
  • When the Job Queue has been started from this session by clicking Start Job Queue action the remaining fields in the General FastTab shows the status of the Job Queue.
  • Now the Application had been configured and it is possible to start posting.

NOTE: The NAS Server has to be restarted to pick up a new post job queue.


Figure 2 Job Queue

Using Background Posting through Posting Documents and Notes

In the next step we will see how the background posting changes the behaviour of the user experience.

  • Posting a Sales Order will create a Job queue entry to be run on the dedicated job queue
  • This will execute the posting routine and if required send a document to a printer
  •  There is a feasible difference in the posting routine since the background posting will notify a user that the order has been sent for posting instead of showing the actual posting steps


Figure 3 Posting confirmation

In the Sales order list it is possible to see the state of posting showing the Job Queue Status field. The list page will show the status of posting.


Figure 4 Sales Order List

If Notification is turned on, it is very useful to add the notes FactBox as well. This is really valuable in cases where the posting for some reason doesn’t finish.

clip_image012[4] clip_image014[4]

Figure 5 Job Queue Notification

In this case there is nothing to post


Figure 6 Sales Order List

Monitoring Background Posting through ‘Find Error Messages’ and ‘Use the My Job Queue Part’

  • It is also possible to see that there is something wrong in the posting on the Role Center.
  • The My Notifications part shows any errors related to the posting.


Figure 7 Notifications on Role Center

  • The same error can be on the found under ‘My Job Queue’ Part


Figure 8 Customize the Role Center

The same error can be on the found under ‘My Job Queue’ Part. Any job queue errors will be readable from the entry in the job queue. Failing Job Queue entries will be displayed in red.


Figure 9 Error Message

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is a business management solution from Microsoft that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and has the power to support your business ambitions. Please do not hesitate to contact Technology Management for more information.

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