How to Calculate the Cost of Paper in Your Business

Research from Gartner suggest that it costs your business, on average,  £1 to produce and send a document like an invoice or statement. If you know how many documents you’re sending out a year then we have a free calculator you can use to see how much it’s costing you in total to push paper around your business.

With Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV there is a much better way of cutting your paperwork and storing the paper that flows into your business. There’s an 18-minute video from our partners and makers of Zetadocs, Equisys. that gives you an outline of how it works with NAV.

Better Way Telephone Workshop

If you’re interested in getting an even clearer idea of the costs of paperwork in your business, we’re currently booking 45-minute telephone appointments with Equisys technical experts. In return you’ll receive a free report customised to your circumstances, with recommendations on how to cut the cost of paper in your business.

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