How this Little Trick Will Help Your Website Rank Higher in Google

Technology Management’s blog – Software Answers – has been running for a couple of years now. In that time we’ve written over 300 posts and have received 17,461 page views. It’s fair to say that Google likes the content we produce and rewards us with website traffic. And I’d like to pass that good will on to you.

If you reply to any of our content using the comment link below each post you can include a link to your website. When Google sees that link it knows that it will be to a reputable site because it trusts us. This in turn pushes your website up the rankings. Spammers know how powerful this is because they try to leave spam messages with links to their website all the time.

So, whenever you see a post that is worth adding your opinion to, leave a comment. Or, for example, if we ask for ideas on topics for future NAV Workshops, tell us your ideas and in exchange you get a little boost to your search engine rankings and maybe interest from a fellow reader that could turn into your next customer.

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