How the Internet Can Shield You from the Downturn

Figures from the Office of National Statistics recently highlight that although the overall value of sales in the run up to Christmas fell by 0.8% the volume of Internet sales over the same period was 3.5% of the total sales – a rise of almost 20%! Other statistics from the British Retail Consortium show the figure, excluding food sales, is higher still – showing a growth of 30% over the previous December.

This means that if you are not currently selling online then you could be missing out on the one growth area in the economy at the moment. And don't think it's just the business to consumer sector that benefiting because as businesses are forced to review costs, more and more are turning to internet searches to find new suppliers. If your business has the right internet presence and provides a compelling proposition the business will follow.

So how do you provide the rich internet presence combined with the competitive pricing that helps you win this business, well in Technology Management's experience the golden rules are that your site has to frequently change and always seen to be up to date as well as be easy and quick to use, in fact quicker than picking up the phone.

How can you do that, well by integrating it with your Microsoft Dynamics or Pegasus Opera.

order processing system to make maintenance pretty automatic. In fact you don't have to do anything over and above what you already do to:

  • Add new product simply by setting them up on your stock system
  • Set customer pricing exactly how you do for your order processing system
  • Have orders appear on your order file within second of being placed online
  • Give customer information direct from your sales ledger including deliveries, invoices and account balances

If you don't believe that we could build a site complex enough for your products have a look at Davenport Burgess or  RD UK.

Having the right systems in place, both in the back office and on your web site, should mean that transacting business online represents a huge saving in time and efficiency for you – reducing your overheads and costs in processing orders, as well as providing a better service to your customers. This all helps towards coping through the current economic slowdown – if your systems are helping you.

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