How Much is Snow Costing Your Business?

image After suffering the last few weeks from heavy snowfall, the UK is set to be hit again with disruptions, thanks to the white stuff. And according to the Forum of Private Businesses, the recent weather has already cost UK businesses £230M.

All this disruption raises the issue of employee mobility. For some staff, the idea of travelling for an hour to sit at a desk and do what could be done at home seems ridiculous. Thankfully, it was business as usual for everyone at Technology Management during the snowfall because of the communication systems we have. We use Microsoft Office Communicator for instant messaging between colleagues and suppliers – which works as a phone system too. Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, CRM and NAV all work over the Web too, enabling uninterrupted communication and collaboration for employees that couldn’t reach main roads.

Having said that, we did have a seminar last week that ended up being cancelled due to snowfall. Perhaps we should have gone with a webinar?

Technology will never replace live human interaction, but there is so much scope for creating a more flexible, connected workforce. If you’re interested in learning more about how this joined up technology could support your business, drop me a line.

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