Hosted Services Continue to Grow

From the interest we were seeing at the backend of 2009 around our hosted services I really believe that 2010 will be the year that Software as A Service/Cloud computing etc will really take off in the Small and Mid size business sector.

We have yet another company moving there 60 + mailboxes to our hosted Exchange platform next week, they want the reliability of high availability without the responsibility and cost of having it on site.

The smaller organisation that wants to break the 4 year cycle of buying new PC’s,Server,Operating system plus the services cost of getting it up and running, are now finding that our Virtual Office product allows them to use the latest versions of Office, Exchange,Windows plus there own accounting and other legacy applications for a small fixed price each month. Everything is held at our data centre, accessible from any PC with an internet connection.

In fact reports are now predicting that 50% of US companies will utilise cloud computing in some capacity by the end of 2010…that’s a lot of business who see the advantages, both financially and technically.

When Technology Management started offering this service over 18 months ago, a lot of people asked why? (including people who worked here!) However having the ability to offer our applications on premise and in the cloud is suddenly appealing to customers…as always finding the right solution for the customer is our priority.

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