Hosted Exchange. All the benefits, none of the worry

Recently I was talking to a business that had been without there Exchange Email server for a couple of days due to a hardware failure. It had really impacted their business and we were called in to see how we could offer some advice on preventing this happening again. As they had a single Exchange server we spoke about all types of different offerings to allow for a failover onto a secondary server etc… But the option that they really liked was getting rid of their Exchange Server all together but not losing the functionality they get from Outlook and Exchange. The solution, hosted Exchange, quite simply we run the Exchange server in a data centre which takes advantage of running on the latest technology, making sure it won’t go down. The data centre also boasts multiple air con units, its own generator for power and countless ways off accessing the internet. You run Outlook on your PC or laptop but just connect to the hosted Exchange server, all the normal features of Outlook are available as is Outlook Web Access (connecting to Exchange through a browser) Mail pushed out to mobile devices also works normally.

As there is no investment for the client on new hardware or extra Exchange licences, its a very low start up cost. You simply pay an amount per user per month, this also means that should you have seasonal workers or a large contract where you need to pull extra people into the business for a short time you only pay for them when they are working. Unlike traditional licencing where you would buy the Client Access Licence (CAL) and once you reduce numbers you are left with them on the shelf, at a big cost. Hosted Exchange costs start from £5.99 per user per month.

If you’re after more details please contact myself or Jon Archer on 1902 578300 email  or


  • No up-front cost for hardware and software
  • Pay by the month and by the amount of users
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam included
  • High security encryption
  • Use your domain name
  • Access from anywhere on the internet
  • Built-in support for Windows mobile devices
  • Built-in Back-up & Recovery
  • Advanced archiving available

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