Hosted Email Feedback

I decided to contact Andy Taylor an IT manager who had moved across to our hosted Exchange Service in December 2009, to see how he was getting on after 6 months of using the solution. Baylis and Harding had run Exchange in house since version 5.5 around 16 years ago, so this was a fundamental shift in moving to the cloud.


(TecMan) I’m interested in how you found the move to hosted mail? Were the users disrupted.

(Andy Taylor) The move to hosted email was quick and easy with very little interruption to business continuity. Technology Management’s Implementation team were very thorough and knowledgeable

Has the uptime and availability of the service been as promised and what you expected?

The uptime and availability of the service has been fantastic. We have easy access from anywhere and are guaranteed a quick, stable connection.

Has the change in the location of the exchange server caused any performance issues ?

The performance and availability of our email has improved significantly. We have gone from using a temperamental exchange server to a hosted solution which allows users a reliable and steady connection to their email account from anywhere in the world. The performance in our Outlook clients has not been affected by the move to a hosted solution.

Any other comments?

As IT Manager the move to a hosted email solution has allowed me to concentrate my efforts in other projects within the business. All support issues are dealt with quickly and effectively by Technology Management including the set up of email accounts and groups.

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