Having a Focus in the Cloud–Microsoft Dynamics

A lot of IT companies are suddenly scrambling around trying to get a “Cloud” strategy.  Sometimes this is by re-selling a larger organisations services, e.g. Google Apps or Microsoft’s Office 365 or alternatively partnering with a company like RackSpace that allows them to use Rackspace’s hardware to create their solutions.

Technology Managements solution is a lot more focussed than this, we are a Microsoft Dynamic’s Gold partner and see our cloud offering as an extension of this. We own the hardware we run our software on, which allows us to build the platform to the specification that we know gives the best performance. This only comes from years of experience working with Dynamics products and knowing that attention to detail can make the difference when it comes to speed and performance. To us, we don’t have a preference whether you run the software on premise or in the cloud as we continue to offer both. Its getting the right software and platform for your organisation that drives us on. Having the power of choice is critical for our customers to know they are not railroaded onto the providers preferred platform.

Having this clear goal on what we are doing results in Technology Management delivering fast, safe and reliable Dynamics solutions in the cloud. After all we have been offering these services for over 3 years, one of the first Dynamics partners in the UK to offer ERP and CRM solutions in the cloud. Having just started another installation of additional hardware at our hosting centres we continue to invest in the future to make sure our customers continue to have a great experience.

The more I see other partners rushing to have any form of cloud offering on their websites the more I fear that the customers signing up for them will not get the benefits that they should. Its important they know the platform and the application.

As always if your interested to look at Dynamics products such as NAV, AX or CRM in the cloud contact us know.


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