Has your company received a “Notice of Underpayment of Tax”?

If your company has received a Notice of Underpayment of Tax since the introduction of RTI, here’s what you now need to do……..

You must submit an Employer Payment Submission (EPS) before 19th of each month if you have made a deduction from the PAYE payment due to reclaiming a statutory payment such as SMP/SSP/SPP. So, for example, for May payroll you need to make the submission before the 19th June

The failure to submit the EPS has resulted in several employers getting Notices of Underpayment of Tax and NI from HMRC.

If you have multiple companies under the same tax reference you must consolidate the p32 before creating the EPS as it uses the p32 figures. Please note the EPS is YTD figures whereas the FPS is current period only.

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