From Ashes to The Cloud – Carvers Re-Opens

On the 29th February 2012 Carvers Builders Merchants was engulfed in a fire that completely destroyed their premises, office space and all IT equipment.

FIRE 7 AE 29

The days after the fire the priority was how quickly they could begin to trade again at their 2nd site, and from our perspective how we could get Microsoft NAV and their other key systems up and running.

With an offsite backup being taken on a nightly basis, we took the data that was available and loaded the virtual servers in our data centre. This enabled Carvers employees to access the systems from the various locations they were based at over the coming weeks. The fire started on Wednesday 29th and NAV was available again 48 hours later on the Friday, while Mail and other data was available over the weekend.  We had around 10 members of Carvers sales and admin team based at our offices in Wolverhampton while other staff were based at their 2nd site. The ability to connect to their systems no matter where they were and not have to wait for new servers to be ordered/configured (which would have taken over a week with the complexity of Carvers systems) allowed them to start trading. This also allowed the Carvers Website to come back online and begin to process orders taken through the site.

I’m pleased to say that Carvers opened a new temporary trade counter at the site of the fire last week, which has resulted in new terminals being installed on the counter and business returning to normal. The critical systems are still running from our hosting facility and Carvers are considering keeping them there as they review their IT strategy for the rebirth of the business.



Having visited the site the day before they re-opened It was fantastic to see how Carvers had regrouped and come back fighting after such adversity. Although a small part of the recovery, the flexibility of cloud computing and the speed at which we could get everything back up and running was no doubt beneficial. Having spoken about these advantages many times, it was fantastic to see it in action.

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