Finding a meeting room in Outlook 2010

Outlook has evolved from being just an email application through to calendaring and contacts. Over the last couple of years we have seen the ability to book resources such as meeting rooms and equipment which is fast becoming a really appealing feature. Outlook 2010 is building on this again and I stumbled across one of these features today when trying to book a meeting. After inviting the attendees I went to book a room to host the meeting, and noticed I had a new feature called “room finder” This allows me to select the available rooms and Outlook shows the calendar with the various days colour coded, for Good, Fair or Poor availability. Once you select a date it gives the diary entries for day. This saves you having to jump around trying to find available dates. Only a small feature but really useful. This seems to work fine with Exchange Server 2007, not sure if its compatible with Exchange Server 2003. We are due to move to Exchange 2010 in the next few weeks so will see what else appears once the server is on the latest version as well.

room finder

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