Facebook Privacy Settings

Some of you will have seen the posting Liam did recently about how the new version of Outlook links to the social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Outlook will automatically check these sites and display any updates or pictures related to each email address used.

Even if you're not using it you need to be aware of the impact it can have on your business life. While you may not be using this version, people you mail to may be. That means that any social network postings that you or your ‘friends’ make to accounts that use your email address will be displayed to people that you email for work!

Imagine this: you follow recommended guidelines and use your email address for your child’s Facebook account; this enables you to keep track of what they're up to, but if you don’t lock down the privacy settings then what they – or worse still - their friends post to that account will be presented to all your business contacts as if they are using Outlook 2010!

To avoid any embarrassment we would suggest making sure you:

  • Use a private email address for social network accounts, not your work account
  • Lock the social network privacy settings down so they have to be your ‘friend’ to see anything.

Better safe than sorry,

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