EDI is complex and expensive? We say that’s no longer true.

If you do more than ten orders and invoices a month with a customer why not try to get them to setup the electronic trading?  Using documents exchanged over the internet we can interface these directly into your NAV system so that accepting the order or invoice is simply a matter if review and click to accept.

Traditional EDI with its VAN Subscriptions and complex (and outdated) document formats is a pain but the future doesn’t have to be like that. The future is that your systems will talk directly in real time to your customers and suppliers systems using a document language called XML.

Think your customers don’t have the systems to support this, well it doesn’t have to be XML because most other formats can be converted into XML before they get to you. This means it can be as simple as getting your trading partner to email a Excel or CSV file to a specific email address in a defined format – its doesn’t get much easier than that. 


You only need three customers or vendors who you regularly transact with to make this worthwhile because its costs just over £3k for the additional Dynamics NAV licences plus a monthly subscription to Technology Management’s Electronic Trading hub. This can vary depending on the type and volume of transactions but starts at just £50 per month.

The benefits are multiple

  • Imagine how much time and cost not having to enter orders from all your major customers would save you
  • Think how nice it would be if any mistakes where your customers? They create the orders so no change of a typing error.
  • The speed is extraordinary – they end up on as sales orders on your system just a couple of minutes after being sent from the customer, no mad rush just before your order cut-off time ever again.
  • You appear a proactive supplier that’s ahead of the game – making life easy for your customer.

How does the last one stack up – well think about the situation where you email even your smaller customers with an attached spreadsheet listing the products that they take  (plus any ones you're promoting) with the up to date pricing and availability. All they have to do is fill in the quantity column and add their order number and click reply.

How do the numbers stack up, well if you have three customers placing fifteen orders a month each, that average twenty five lines each then given its an average of a minute per order line to enter (and that assumes you don’t have to search for any product codes etc.) then your looking at over 6 hours order entry a month. Given a order entry employee who costs £15k per year costs roughly £9.50 per hour then your looking at £60 per month just from these three customers.

Now if you can get your top ten customers to play ball imagine what the savings could be.

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