Dynamics NAV windows tablet app supports zoom

Been playing (sorry proof of concept proving) the new NAV tablet app that comes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and one of the features I didn’t realised it supported was screen zoom. If the resolution on your windows tablet at least is too small to see than use the same ctrl + you would in explorer and it will zoom to a viewable resolution as shown below.




The project we are looking at will use the NAV app with a custom role centre to replace classic NAV forms with large fonts on the shop floor so the screens can bee seen at a distance. On then new pages you don’t have the option to set the font or size as the ‘display independence’ means that the device should pick the best size and font rather than the developer. Being able to zoom like this means we don’t have to worry about being able to see it from distance in maybe poor light conditions though.

On the iPad the normal pinch and stretch gestures with your fingers don’t work but after enabling zoom in the settings, accessibility area and then the same three finger double tap that works in the rest of the apps works in the NAV app.

Not had the opportunity to test it on Android but I’ll put it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab soon and update you.

This is another reason I prefer my Surface to my iPad these days, more flexibility and power with the same convenience by a distance. 

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