Dynamics NAV 7 ERP in the browser

In just over 12 months time NAV 7 will be available, and it marks a fundamental change in the way companies and end users can access the software.

We have been talking about cloud or hosted system for sometime now, in fact Technology Management can run NAV 2009 in the cloud for you already. However NAV 7 has been written from the ground up to run in the cloud. In fact NAV 7 will be available to run in a web browser, with the back end database being stored in the cloud.

This will be the first Microsoft Dynamics ERP product available to run this way, showing the innovation and commitment to NAV. It also shows the emphasis that Microsoft have for it to be the product of choice for many organisations in the SMB sector. The cloud option will lower the cost of entry to the product in terms of software, pay per user per month, and no longer requiring a powerful server for it to run on. It also removes many of the risks of managing your own ERP system, by losing the responsibility of the hardware and the ability for users to access the system from any PC with an internet connection will again save cost and add great functionality . I have included a screenshot (apologies for the poor quality) of NAV 7 being run in the browser.  Notice it looks identical to the NAV 2009 role tailored client even though its running in Internet Explorer. 

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NAV7 in the browser

NAV 7 running in the browser

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