Dynamics NAV 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts

Not all of a NAV Developers posts need to be super technical or overtly complicated, here is a nice simple one.

Of late Technology Management have been working with a few customers who are either in the process of upgrading or have just upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Client to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. One of the most common causes of frustration is getting used to the changes in the keyboard shortcuts. 

Good old fashioned things that were corner stones of a NAV keyboard warrior's life are just…..different. Commands like F3 (new record) F5 (open a list) are still there they are just ….. different. So if you want to carry on being a keyboard warrior and ignoring that "new fangled mouse thingy" then click here to get to the full page of keyboard shortcuts as published by MSDN.

It looks like this….



 If your looking for a different version to Dynamics NAV 2016, then change it from the "Other Versions" drop down at the top of the page.


 Merry Christmas from all at Technology Management.


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